This is the experimental Bible Wiki- Data test for testing " Contribution Prototype". Please note this is highly experimental and does not warrant or guarantee any specific future product plans. This wiki will have a copy of all of the content of Bible Wiki, and may be served instead of Bible Wiki for several weeks for testing purposes. The editing system is not developed by Bible Wiki, but our hosting provider- Wikia (operating as Fandom)- please see our Disclaimer for details. This experiment will provide special feedback and analytics to Wikia, Inc; the functionality of the site is being conducted by Wikia Engineering. This site is partaking in the test due to the participation of a Bible Wiki administrator in Wikia's Community Council. 
Mostly this will have content copied over from the real Bible Wiki for testing purposes. Sadly Bible Wiki has a very small content base, especially for the topic and amount of content that could be exposited from the Bible. 
Just on account of the historical narratives within the Bible, the sheer amount of information alone could create many, many pages. This is not to mention all the typological (i.e symbolism, parables, etc), theological, prophetic and literary aspects of the Scripture. There are very few resources existing that provide contextual based Bible data (the ones out there do not have a large user-friendly usage or a special or practical application that is being utilized). 
Hopefully the Bible Wiki project can endeavor through this new front, starting with this experiment. This experiment may also make editing easier for future users of Bible Wiki and may help us grow in the face of our current "hill" we are facing. The editing interface this test provides will be buggy and partially unstable. By participating in this experiment we can see if a different editing interface will engage more people and help break the barrier for Christians who read the Bible, but have little technical ability. 
In the process of the compilation and exposition of basic numeric and textual data (through semantics and metadata) we can create a better understanding of the world of the Bible, the Bible itself and all that point to its inspirer: God. 
In Christ,
Bible Wiki Administrators in partnership with Community Council and Wikia Community, Product and Engineering Departments.